Judge Upholds Two Life Terms for Randy Taylor

BREAKING: A judge has upheld the two life terms the jury recommended.The judge also went above the sentencing guidelines and gave Taylor an additional three years on each of the charges, for a total of six years suspended.

The additional six years are a provision the judge put in place that in the unlikely instance that Taylor gets released one day (under a geriatric release, for instance), he will be under supervised probation.The Defense tried to cut a last minute deal in which they said that while Taylor maintains his innocence, he could provide information about the location of the body in exchange for a twenty year sentence.

The Commonwealth spoke with Alexis Murphy's family and while they are all in agreement that they want closure about the location of her remains, they believe her life is worth more than twenty years.They also stated that it is more important to protect the public from Taylor.


UPDATE: Randy Taylor will find out how much time he will spend behind bars on Wednesday.A jury found Taylor guilty of first degree murder in the commission of abduction and abduction with intent to defile. They recommended he serve two life sentences. Alexis's body has not been recovered and lead investigator Billy Mays with the Nelson County Sheriff's Office told us in May Taylor has remained tight lipped.Taylor has already been sentenced to one year for stealing ATVs from a home in Greene County. --------Nelson Co., VA - After more than six hours of deliberations, the jury has found Randy Taylor guilty of first degree murder in the commission of an abduction and abduction with the intent to defile in the death of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy. The jury deliberated further and came back with a recommendation that Taylor serve two life sentences. Much more on this case on ABC 13 News throughout the evening.---------------------------UPDATE: 2:00 p.m.: The jury came back shortly after 1:00 p.m. to ask the judge if they could see surveillance video from Route 29 of Alexis Murphy and Randy Taylor. Stay tuned to ABC 13 for any new developments.---------------------------UPDATE: The jury is deciding Randy Taylor's fate at his murder trial in Nelson County.Taylor was indicted on first degree murder and abduction with the intent to defile charges. The jury can choose to convict him on lesser charges.We will be at the courthouse this afternoon and will have the verdict as soon as it's announced. ----------------------------UPDATE: The judge has gone over jury instructions in the case against Randy Taylor.According to the judge, both the defense and the commonwealth will have an hour and 15 minutes for closing arguments.On the homicide charges, the jury will have three options; they can find Taylor guilty of first degree murder, second degree murder, or not guilty.On the abduction charge, the jury can find Taylor guilty of abduction with intent to defile, or abduction, or not guilty.----------------------Update: 1:00 p.m.:Nelson Co., VA - The defense has rested in the Randy Taylor trial. They called 11 witnesses, mostly friends and relatives of Alexis Murphy.They also called two women who reported seeing a young woman similar to the description of Alexis Murphy in the Food Lion parking lot on August 3. That Food Lion is right behind the Liberty Gas Station. The women testified that they couldn't say for sure it was her but they just wanted to do the right thing.The defense also called a parking attendant in Charlottesville who claimed she saw Murphy and Taylor at the parking garage in separate vehicles, but she wouldn't remember which day she saw them.Court is on a lunch recess, and Wednesday afternoon there will be jury instructions and closing arguments.---------------------------UPDATE: The commonwealth rested its case against Randy Taylor about an hour into proceedings Wednesday morning, but not before calling the inmate who was in the cell next to Randy Taylor. That inmate said that Taylor told him he wanted to have sex with Alexis Murphy "his way" the very first time he saw her. Only, he said Randy Taylor used a four letter word The jury also heard from Louise Turner, who is the mother of Randy Taylor's son. She said that her son was with her on August 3rd, the day Alexis Murphy disappeared, and didn't go over to his father's camper until the following Monday.After the commonwealth rested, the defense made motions asking the judge to strike all of the charges against Taylor: first degree murder, murder during an abduction and abduction with the intent to defile.The judge overruled those motions, so this case will continue with the defense calling witnesses.-------------------Nelson Co., VA - The man who was supposed to be the star witness for Randy Taylor's defense took the stand Tuesday for the prosecution.Dameon Bradley told the jury he's never been to Randy Taylor's property. Bradley testified he was living in Alabama with his father when the FBI interviewed him about Alexis Murphy's disappearance. He said he gave agents a DNA sample that cleared him.That meeting with the FBI happened because Taylor told investigators a man matching Bradley's description was the last person to see Murphy. In a recorded interview, Randy Taylor said the three of them were at his camper on August 3rd. Bradley said he's never been in the same room as Alexis Murphy.Bradley does not have to come back to testify for the defense. The prosecution says it has one, maybe two, witnesses to call Wednesday.