UPDATE: Randy Taylor Murder Trial Continues in Nelson County

Nelson Co., VA - The Commonwealth presented more evidence in its case against Randy Taylor Monday, day three of his murder trial.Randy Taylor is charged with the murder and abduction of 17 year old Alexis Murphy.The Commonwealth played a 39 minute audio recording that was made two days after Alexis Murphy disappeared. On that audio recording, the jury heard the man who identified himself to investigators as Randy Taylor. Taylor repeatedly denied seeing Alexis Murphy. He was asked, "have you seen her" and he said "no."He was then asked, "have you ever seen her" and his answer was "never."Taylor told investigators he doesn't remember going to the Liberty gas station in Lovingston on August 3rd even though he tells them another investigator stopped by the property where he was living to tell him that someone saw him at that gas station talking to someone. Taylor said again before investigators left, "If I was up there that I don't remember being up there."Investigator Bill Mays testified that it was Randy Taylor who kept bringing up the Liberty Gas station. Investigators say he is seen on surveillance video there on August 3rd, the same day that Alexis Murphy disappeared, at the same time that Alexis Murphy is seen on that video. One piece of video that does not show Randy Taylor is the surveillance tape from the Sheetz in Madison Heights. That's where Taylor told investigators he was the night of August 3rd. Prosecutors called more witnesses in the Randy Taylor murder trial Monday morning.Alexis Murphy's blood is on a t-shirt investigators say they found inside Randy Taylor's camper, according to FBI forensic examiner Amber Carr.Carr testified Randy Taylor's DNA is also on that shirt and that hair and eyelash extensions investigators say they found balled up inside that t-shirt also match Murphy, according to that examiner.Investigators said this is the same t-shirt, a Miller Lite t-shirt with the Georgetown logo, that Randy Taylor is seen wearing in surveillance video from the Liberty Gas Station on August 3rd.That is the day that Alexis Murphy disappeared.Members of the jury already heard from FBI agents as well as Alexis Murphy's parents.The defense and prosecution gave their opening statements Friday in Nelson County Circuit Court, where Randy Taylor is on trial for the abduction and murder of Alexis Murphy.Much of the testimony Friday afternoon focused on what happened at the Liberty Gas Station on August 3rd. That's the last place Alexis Murphy was seen.
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