Randolph College Reflects on 9/11

Reporter and Videographer: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - Randolph College (RC) held a special 9/11 remembrance ceremony Sunday morning. Students, faculty and community members gathered in the main hall for the event.

Victims were honored in a unique way. Volunteers read nearly 3,000 names, and it took them more than three hours to finish.

"Each name that I read it was just like oh my gosh, it was very heart wrenching...very real," RC freshman Sara Reed said.

"What really got me is when I would read three or four names in a row with the same last name," RC sophomore Will Dede said. "I mean maybe they weren't related...but what if they were...that's a whole entire family..."

The first name called at RC was an alumni. Karen Elizabeth Hagerty was in the South Tower when the second plane hit."

The Conway Bell rang out for each moment of impact.

It's only heard on campus for special occasions, but on Sunday it rang to honor victims killed on four different flights.

It was followed by a moment of silence, and it was a time when Executive Assistant to the President of Randolph College Wes Fugate reflected on what 9/11 has done to our country.

"It is certainly something that has changed they way we as Americans operate in our daily lives," Fugate said.

It's a change in his students that he's seeing on campus every day.

"They have a sense of patriotism that some of us may not have had because of how impactful that was early on in their lives," Fugate said.

Read was only eight years old on Sept. 11, 2001.

"I think it's really big to commemorate those people who lost their lives innocently," Read said.

The anniversary isn't about politics, Dede said.

"It's a day to take pride in the country that we all love," Dede said.

It's a day to remember each and every life that was lost ten years ago on 9/11

"There's not a cloud in the sky and it's sunny and all but I think there's a shadow hanging over everybody today," Dede said.

Volunteers read 133 pages of 9/11 victims' names.

And listening to all those names really brought home how emotional this day is and will always be.