Randolph College Professor Monitors Vultures Behavior

Lynchburg, VA- We are following up on that story we brought you last night after vultures invaded an area of West Princeton-Circle in Lynchburg. Doug Shedd is a Professor of Biology at Randolph College and he says he's been watching the behavior of these birds for more than twenty years. He says two to three hundred come each year in the winter and leave in the spring to find mates. He says it's strange they are still all together, but he expects the adults to leave and breed soon.

"There's been a lot of debate about why birds especially birds as big as turkey vultures form social roosts, but it seems to have something to do with information exchange. It's not like they're talking about where they've been foraging throughout the day, but if you have been successful foraging and feeding during the day you're probably going to return to that location," said Shedd.

Shedd says if you get the birds to leave, especially at night, they should move on to another area.