Randolph College President Announces Retirement

Lynchburg, VA - Randolph College President John Klein has announced his retirement.

Klein, 68, will be stepping down in June of next year. Klein was the college's ninth president, appointed in June 2007.

He and his wife arrived to the area just three days before the first men came on campus, as Randolph Macon Woman's College became Randolph College. Klein says that transition, along with the economic downturn, made for a tough couple of years.

But he says his background in business helped.

"Having been in a company where I needed to do a turnaround, I think I felt prepared to be able to do that. Certainly there were some tough decisions and some unpopular decisions but I think that the ultimate result of that has been a very good one," said Klein.

Enrollment has increased under Klein's leadership, mostly in the last three years.