Randolph College Graduates Tackle Finding Jobs

Lynchburg, VA - Randolph College had its commencement ceremony Sunday, and jobs are a big concern for many graduates.

Martin Wiley was one of the smiling faces at the commencement ceremony at Randolph College. He's proud to hold a college degree and is even more proud.

Wiley has a full-time job waiting for him in Washington DC working for the government. That makes Wiley stand out from the class of 2013.

"I know a lot of students who told me there are no jobs out there and...I'm blessed honestly," Wiley said.

The U.S. Department of Labor shows the April unemployment rate in the country sits at 7.5% compared to 8.1% in 2012.

In Virginia, unemployment was at 5.3% in March, the lowest it's been in four years.

While experts say the job market is slowly improving, the future for young college graduates isn't necessarily bright.

The national unemployment rate for people ages 20 to 24 is 13.1%.

"There is this stress of just getting any kind of job to just pay the bills for now. Even if it's not ideally in the career that you chose," said graduate Lis Chacon.

"It's consistently on my mind. All of the people I look up to really told me that it's a really tough time and that generally when they first get out of school, that they have a job that they don't really like. I'm preparing myself for that," said graduate Hannah Coleman.

Some graduates say planning ahead and staying focused is what's most important.

"Looking for something bigger and brighter now that I've got this nice degree," said graduate Rob Campbell.

"I'm just ready to see what happens. Just ready to take on the world," said Wiley.

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling was Randolph's commencement speaker. He encouraged the students to dream big and to set high goals.