Rand Paul's Comments Draw Attention While Campaigning With Cuccinelli

Lynchburg, VA - U.S. Senator Rand Paul made headlines campaigning with Ken Cuccinelli at Liberty University Monday morning.

Paul warned students that advancements in science could lead to eugenics. That statement certainly got some attention.

Right now, however, Ken Cuccinelli is focused on narrowing the gap in the governor's race.

Cuccinelli calls this week absolutely critical.

"There's a lot of people maybe a fifth of them, making the decision who to vote for and whether to go vote this week," Cuccinelli said.

The republican candidate for governor, trailing by double digits in recent polls, brought Tea Partier Rand Paul to Liberty University, hoping it will give a much-needed boost to his campaign.

"The choice in the governor's race is between Santa Claus on one side, who I think will cripple jobs, and someone who believes in opportunity and creating jobs," Paul said.

Cuccinelli talked about abortion rights, guns and coal, and at one point during his speech, he became emotional.

"When I leave as Attorney General, I will exonerate more wrongfully convicted felons than any Attorney General in history. Of everything that I've had the opportunity to do in the state senate and the attorney general's office, that might be the one I'm most proud of," Cuccinelli said.

During their speeches at Liberty University, however, it was Paul who made headlines.

The U.S. Senator from Kentucky told the crowd of students that advances in medicine combined with abortion could lead to eugenics, and a genetically engineered human race.

"We'll be known simply by swabbing the inside of your cheek," Paul said.

Paul left students at the conservative university beaming.

"I really, really enjoyed Rand Paul's speech. The 1984 illustration, that was spot on I think," said Ethan Wallace.

Wallace, though, is less hopeful about the governor's race just days away than seeing Paul's name on the presidential ballot in 2016.

"In terms of the future of the Republican party, they need to be more center of the road," said LU Sophomore Seth Martin.

The campaigning didn't stop in Lynchburg Monday. Paul and Cuccinelli stopped in Fairfax and Virginia Beach to try and gain some momentum there as well.