RAM House Releases Cookbook as Fundraiser

Roanoke, VA - The RAM House in Roanoke has published a cookbook that features some well known names all for a great cause.

To help celebrate the 25th year of serving meals to the area's needy, the nonprofit published the book of recipes that covers everything from desserts to main courses.

Those who submitted recipes include Roanoke Mayor David Bowers and Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer.

The $20 price goes to directly support the food program.

"We have gotten so many comments just about the design of the book, the layout of the book and of course the cause that it goes to support," said Geralynn Trelloue, who led the effort for RAM House.

So far, the group has sold more than 250 books with a goal of eventually reaching one thousand.

If you're interested, you can contact Roanoke Area Ministries at (540) 345-9786.