Rainy Weather and Its Effect on Weekend Plans

Lynchburg, VA - There is a chance of rain this weekend but not big enough to cancel your weekend plans just yet.

Lynchburg Hillcats Groundskeeper Darren Johnson says Thursday's flooding came in a flash, canceling a game.

Friday morning there was standing water, washed out spots and a surprise.

"This I've never seen before. I guess there was just so much water coming off that hill. That this is an actual, I mean you can see is an actual manhole cover or something that's in here and you can see it's full of water. It just opened up," said Johnson.

Fortunately for Johnson, there's more than a week before the next home stretch.

"If we would have had a game today. We be working pretty hard."

In Bedford, organizers are getting ready for the annual Horse and Hound Wine Festival on Saturday. Danny Johnson (no relation to Darren) has his own field to deal with. It's been so wet at Peaks of Otter Winery, they couldn't even cut the hay until this week.

"The road that actually we took them out on, is nothing but a mudslide. That's all it is. It's just nothing but complete mud," said Darren Johnson.

Visitors will take the same road coming and going so no one gets stuck.

Workers at Aztec Rental say lots of people have been calling for last minute tents for weekend events.

And West Manor, a wedding venue in Forest, says they've had to bring more weddings indoors this season than ever before.