Rain, Rain Go Away for Graduation Day

Lynchburg, VA - There's concern all this rain will put a damper on graduation ceremonies, especially this Saturday when we're expecting more storms.

This weekend, there are two graduations in Lynchburg: Randolph College and Liberty University. And both schools are busy planning what they'll do if it gets nasty outside.

The plan depends on the school.

Liberty University tells ABC 13 it's moving forward rain or shine with its ceremony outside at Williams Stadium Saturday.

Randolph College has a different idea for its Sunday ceremony.

Classes are over at Randolph College. Now, students have just two things on their mind: packing up and graduation. Where exactly graduation will be for grads and what it will be like remains a big question.

Brenda Edson, Randolph College spokesperson, is watching the skies.

"Of course, we are hoping for sunshine," said Edson.

Tradition at Randolph dictates the graduation ceremony be at The Dell, an old Greek Amphitheater built in memory of Mabel Whiteside.

Miss Mabel, as students called her, was a professor of Greek who is credited with instilling in her students a love for the ancient world. It means a lot to graduating seniors like Catherine Godley to get their diploma in Miss Mabel's amphitheater.

"There are just so many memories that so many of us have down there since we have so many events that it would just be really upsetting to not be down there for graduation," said Godley.

"It's just an absolutely beautiful place to hold commencement,"said Edson.

On Sunday, even if the sun's back, if The Dell looks anything like the soggy mess it was in Tuesday, graduation won't be in the Greek amphitheater. It will be inside the Smith Hall Theatre instead. Tuesday, crews were busy setting up chairs just in case.

Senior Colton Hunt is confident graduation will go smoothly, but worries that no Dell means fewer seats for family to watch his big graduation day.

"Unfortunately, if it does rain, we won't be able to have the entire family on the scene. I think a lot of people might be a little upset about that," said Hunt.

Randolph's ceremony is Sunday. The forecast's looking better that day.

Liberty's ceremony is Saturday when rain's expected. LU has 30,000 ponchos ready and waiting for guests.