Rain or Shine, There Will Be Wine at Lynchburg's Wine and Music Festival

Lynchburg, VA- Saturday in downtown Lynchburg is the first ever James River Wine and Music Festival. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Riverside Park you can enjoy food, wine, music, and Mother Nature. But, Mother Nature may not be so accommodating.

We talked to organizers about their rain plan, but Frank Britt says they have one plan, and one plan only: enjoy some wine. He's adamant that there will be no rain. But, we told him our meteorologists are forecasting otherwise. Finally, he caved in and admitted they are prepared in case it storms.

Frank Britt is making his rounds, getting everything in place for his wine festival's debut.

"I wanted to bring a pure wine festival to the city of Lynchburg. We've never had a pure wine festival and we've had other kind of festivals. I wanted to start the season off this year with 12 of Virginia's best wineries," said Britt.

His list of vendors is attracting big numbers. He says they've pre-sold about a thousand tickets so far, but he's planning for triple that.

"We have 3,500 wine glasses ordered so we'd love to sell every one of those wine glasses."

Britt has everything planned to a tee, but there's still a dark cloud looming over his festival...literally. Saturday's forecast--numerous showers passing through all day.

"Nothing's going to rain on my parade," said Britt.

And that may be true, because most of Britt's festival will be covered.

One vendor says this festival is very unique because unlike street fairs they have a lot of tents. So when the raindrops start falling, all you have to do is take cover under some canvas.

"You can come out and drink wine in the dry, where at a regular street festival you're going to get wet," said Kris Robbins.

So there will be no watered-down wine for festival attendees, and it will be business as usual for vendors.

"Rain or shine there'll be wine, rain or shine," said Robbins.