Rain Delays Grand Opening of Elmwood Park Amphitheater in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - The record wet weather has delayed the grand opening for the Elmwood Park Amphitheater by more than a month.

It was set around the Arts and Park Program scheduled to start September 15, but now it's been moved to October 19.

The city engineer says it takes 3/10ths of an inch of rain for wet weather to start negatively affecting certain construction projects. We are way past that this summer already, and that's what's delaying this project.

Enough rain has come to force 30 rain days so far. That's almost the same amount of time the project has been delayed.

So what does this all mean for the grand opening?

Considering it involves the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra and the Southwest Virginia Ballet, the question is, "How easy was it to push it all back?".

"I think everybody was understanding. We've been using the word let's be "flexible" and everybody knew that there was a plan "A" and everyone planned, also, to have a plan "B," said Steve Buschor with Roanoke Parks and Recreation.

He says other than the rain, everything has been going very well. Once complete, the new amphitheater will hold around 4,800 spectators.