Rain Complicates Plans for Lynchburg July 4th Celebrations

Lynchburg, VA- Storms complicated plans for a couple July fourth celebrations Thursday night. Organizers of Celebrate America and Friday Cheers had to make alterations to their events in case an unwanted guest made an appearance.

Organizers of both events said about the same thing; "rain happens." However, some aspects of these events could be salvaged, even if there's a downpour.

"It seems like the last four or five years have been a little crazy on the weather," said Charles Billingsley, a TRBC Worship Singer.

Even if rain ruins some of the food and fun at TRBC's Celebrate America, we're told there will still be music inside the church's sanctuary.

"We've got 5,000 seats in there and we'll do the programming that we were going to do out here. We'll do the same program at 8 o'clock in there," said Billingsley.

Friday Cheers has a little less leeway with the weather. If there is lightning or flooding, there will be no music, and vendors will have to pack up.

First-time Cheers vendor, Al Ryan, is hoping their hard work doesn't go to waste. Owner Nayef AlShubaki wants to gain some new customers, either with their cuisine, or cool and dry accommodations.

"We don't know how the weather is going to be, so we try to make it easy and fast," said AlShubaki.

And so the race against time begins to see if Celebrate America and Friday Cheers can get in their festivities before Mother Nature says 'game over.'

" It's part of the game. If you're an outside event you just gotta be ready for that contingency and remember that we don't melt," said Stephanie Keener with Lynch's Landing.

No matter how much rain drops on the Hill City, organizers for both events say there will be fireworks lighting up the Lynchburg skies.

"Unless it is just a deluge they can go on with the fireworks at 9:30," said Keener.

"Fireworks have to go off. Once they're in those tubes they have to go off. So, we don't have a choice. We're setting off fireworks tonight whether it's raining or not," said Billingsley.