Quilting Lovers Sew for Wounded Service Members Overseas

South Boston, VA-- One group in South Boston has taken their hobby, and turned it into something that helps military personnel serving overseas.

It's all part of the Appreciation Quilting Workshop, and members meet every month to sew quilts for wounded service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group has been doing this for seven years now, and they said it's a way they give soldiers a little comfort, when they're far away from home.

For years, the Appreciation Quilting Workshop has been meeting once a month, to make quilts for a special reason.

"We send our quilts to the medical control centers, the medical control centers is the first stop for a wounded service person," leader Ellie Jacobs said.

Jacobs got the idea from her son who was a Chaplain in Iraq.

"A young serviceman was being sent to Landstuhl , he asked the young man what he had folded under his arms, and the young man said I have a quilt somebody sent me and I'm taking it home," Jacobs said. "My son called and said mom, I know you belong to a couple of quilt groups, you think some of your ladies will make some quilts for us."

Now the quilting group has grown to almost 20 people. They quilt year round and mail their creations right after Thanksgiving, so they can make it to service men and women just in time for Christmas.

"When my husband and I pack the boxes and we take them to the post office, it does my heart so much good," Jacobs said. "My only regret is that I don't see the faces of the people that receive them, but I imagine and I feel good."

"I like the idea of my quilt going out and warming somebody, and that warms me, it's a win for both of us, the recipient and me," quilter Nikki Moshier said.

"A little bit of comfort away from home for the wounded," Jacobs said.

The group also makes neck coolers for those in the military fighting in hot weather. They ship almost 300 of those every Spring.

They appreciate donations of quilts or quilting material. To donate, you can email Nikki Moshier at