Quidditch Tournament Coming to Roanoke Co.

Roanoke, The Roanoke Valley has a long tradition of hosting all sorts of sporting events. Now they can add quidditch to that resume.

Quidditch is the game made popular by the Harry Potter series.

In recent years, it has turned into a serious team sport led by dozens of collegiate teams.

Salem's Green Hill Park will host the International Quidditch Association's Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament on November 3rd.

"I was aware of the Harry Potter movies but didn't really understand the following of pop culture that it has and really how quidditch has taken off. After we had done some research and talked to some folks, we really thought this would be something exciting, new and different that the Roanoke Valley residents could experience," said Doug Blunt with Roanoke County Parks & Recreation.

If you're not into that game, there will also be plenty of family oriented activities to coincide with the tournament.