Puppy Survives Trash Compactor

Lynchburg, VA--"Crush, the Indestructible" sounds like a make-believe super hero. He's not make-believe, but some would call him super. Crush is a three-month-old puppy that went one-on-one with a trash compactor, and won.

Campbell County Animal Control isn't sure where he came from. They think he slid into the trash chute to investigate a deer carcass, and then wasn't able to climb out. They're not sure how long he was in the dumpster either. But Monday, when it was time to pick up the trash, the lost puppy put up one tough fight.

See Crush Run. See Crush Jump. See Crush...kiss.

"Very cute, very friendly, very playful," said Phillip Campbell, who found Crush in the dumpster.

But just days ago, it was a different story.

"When I first saw the dog, I thought it was dead," said Campbell.

Monday was just another day at work for Campbell.

"I run the trash through the compactor. This particular day the chute was full of trash," he said.

Like he always does, Campbell ran the compactor through several times, making sure the strong machine stuffed the trash into the dumpster. When he went to load the dumpster onto his truck, he made a heartbreaking discovery.

"That's when I found the dog. He had fallen out with some trash, right here at the bottom of the dumpster. And he was pretty much, he looked pretty much lifeless. And my heart sank when I saw him," said Campbell.

But Campbell's heart was quickly lifted, because Crush, came back to life.

"The way he started wagging his tail and jumping around, it was unbelievable," Campbell said.

He doesn't show it, but Crush's ride through the compactor did a number on him.

"He has a whole lot of severe bruising, internally severe bruising. So he's a little sore, but he'll make a full recovery," said Erin Ferrell, Crush's foster owner.

Ferrell has had many animals come through her home. And she says Crush...

"He's a lucky pup."

"He's just happy. He's a happy little dog. He had the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen on a dog," said Campbell.

Crush is making a good recovery, but he may have some injuries to his brain. Campbell County Animal Control says only time will tell if he has any permanent damage.

On the positive side, Campbell and his wife are in the process of trying to adopt Crush. They say he'd make the perfect addition to their family.