Puppies Stolen in Amherst Co., Taken to the Pound

Amherst Co., VA - The Amherst County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out who stole four puppies and turned them into animal control.

On January 20, a resident on the 2300 block of Boxwood Farm Road says she let the dogs out for about 20 minutes.

Deputy Carla Bowen says when the resident tried to get the dogs inside, they were nowhere to be found.

A day later, Bowen discovered the puppies at Amherst County Animal Control.

Bowen lives across the street from a large dumpster where several stray cats live. She suspects someone feeding the cats turned in the dogs, thinking they were strays.

"I think they were trying to help. But the fact that we live right across from it, they should kind of ask sometimes," Bowen said.

Bowen says in the year that she's lived on Boxwood Farm Road, she's lost four animals.

One of them, a dog, never returned.