Puppies Separated From Mother in Danger

Videojournalist: Alana Austin

Martinsville, VA -- The Martinsville-Henry County SPCA is trying to reunite a dog with her six baby pups.

They say a well-intentioned man brought in two dogs - an adult blue heeler and her newborn puppy. Before he brought in the dogs, he gave away the puppies for adoption to friends and acquaintances.

The man says he didn't know that puppies cannot survive away from their mother until they're eight weeks of age.

They believe the pups are spread out between Roanoke, Martinsville and Fieldale.

"Puppies get lots of antibodies from their mother, and the mother knows how to feed them just right. Puppies that are not with their mother have a very little chance of surviving if they don't come back to their mother," said Leslie Hervey, Executive Director of Martinsville-Henry County SPCA.

They're asking that if you have the puppies to please bring them to the Martinsville-Henry County SPCA until they are old enough to be away from their mother.