Pulaski Police Discover Possible Meth Lab in Budget Inn, Make Arrests

Autumn "Nikki" Koert

Pulaski, VA - Pulaski police arrested two people after they say they found a possible meth lab in the Budget Inn on 509 Main Street.

They were serving a felony warrant Monday night on Terry Draper, 33, who was staying in a room there. While officers arrested Draper, they say they found Autumn "Nikki" Koert, 27, hiding under a bed. She also had an outstanding warrant for making meth.

Officers say they found what appeared to be precursors for making meth in the room and contacted narcotics investigators.

Investigators from the Claytor Lake Drug Task Force and members of the Virginia State Police responded to the scene and found items they said were active and used for making meth.

Both Fraper and Koert al face additional charges for manufacturing meth and possession of precursors to manufacture meth, both of which are felonies.