Public Works Still Working on Cleaning Up From Last Week's Storm

Lynchburg, VA - Fort Hill, Sandusky, Boonsboro were some of the hardest hit areas in Lynchburg in last week's storm.

Thursday, crews removed a tree on Greenwood Drive that fell right onto a house, and the work's not done yet.

Public Works says it still needs a couple more days to get all that debris out of the way. If you just drive around town, you'll see many homes with their recycling bin out, and right next to it, a big pile of brush.

Woodway Drive belongs to Adam Lustig. The neighborhood's been a blessing for his landscaping business.

"It's a lot for me. It's way more than I would ever normally get in terms of tree work," said Lustig.

Since the windstorm, AJ Lustig Landscaping & Tree Service had 10 different jobs hauling tree limbs off.

That's a lot he says for one week. Not to mention tedious.

"It's all got to be done with ropes and pulleys...very strategically," said Lustig.

What Lustig leaves behind are city crews have to haul off. And this beast of a city truck is the one to do it.

"Today, we got about 180 tons of debris collected," said Russ Blankenstein with Public Works.

And it all gets dumped at Beasley Disposal, nicknamed Mt. Brushmore from the 2012 derecho.

Now in its place is "Baby Brushmore," a smaller 20 foot debris pile from last week's windstorm.

To create this, city crews have been working 10 hour days.

"No, I'm not...nah. It doesn't bother me that much. I'll be glad to get back to normal," said Blankenstein.

At another part of town, huge trees towered over homes. Here, crews spent the day taking a tree off someone's house. It's a lot. But work is money, and for Lustig, as long as no one gets hurt, bring on the next windstorm.

"Go from sun- up until it gets dark - nonstop," said Lustig.

The city hopes to have the debris off people's sidewalks by this Saturday.