Lynchburg Public Works Bracing for More Rain

Lynchburg, VA - Public Works crews spanned the city assessing the damage from Thursday's flooding and preparing for even more rain expected to come.

On McConnville Road, a green car sits muddy and abandoned. It's evidence of a damaged culvert already on the city's list to be replaced.

It's the worst Joe Smith Jr.'s seen as his team of engineers tours the city. They're assessing the condition of 15 bridges and culverts after Thursday's storms.

"The rainfall was really strange cause it seems like it's a lot heavier in this downtown area than it is in the outskirts towards Boonsboro," said Smith from the foot of the Hollins Mill Bridge.

He said the recent rain has caused possible erosion underneath at least one footer of the 80-year-old structure.

On 17th and Taylor, a crew with Water Resources checked out a clogged storm drain. But rainwater wasn't the problem.

"This is a good example of why nothing's going down through here," said Gary Looze, pointing to a heap of trash.

By the time they leave, they'll vacuum out three feet worth of it, everything from plastic bags, McDonald's containers, even an old gardening glove.

With even more rain on the horizon, it's another day, another race against the clock.

"You can't let it frustrate you or get you down because tomorrow you're probably gonna be back out there sucking it out again," Looze said.