Public Safety Groups Give Tips on How to Keep Children Safer During the Summer

Henry Co., VA-- The weather is getting warmer, and soon kids will be out of school and enjoying the sun.Philpott Lake in Bassett wants to make sure kids stay safe during the summer months. They held their annual Safety Fun Day on Saturday.Organizers had lots of advice for parents, But there were also plenty of public safety officials interacting with children to show them how to stay safe when they're in the water, playing outside, or just staying indoors. In just a few weeks, kids will say goodbye to the classroom and hello to months of fun in the sun."We fish, we ski, we camp, we boat," said Donald Foley, a parent.Management at Philpott Lake want to make sure that families stay safe while enjoying the outdoors this summer. "Nothing takes the fun out of a trip more than having a child get hurt. So our goal is to make sure that when you come to Philpott Lake or when you go to any of the other lakes, or even when you're at home, that you're kept safe," said Craig Rockwell, Operations Project Manager at Philpott Lake. Several public safety groups from across the region were on hand at the lake's annual Safety Fun Day to give parents tips about what they should enforce this summer.First up, water safety. "If they're going to be around the water and you know they're going to be around the water, then they need to know how to swim and if they're going to be especially around open water like a lake, pond, stream or anything like that then they need to know how to wear a life jacket properly and they need to have one," said Jeff Fulcher, Captain of Bassett Rescue Squad.Workers at Philpott Lake taught kids how to safely ride a bike in a neighborhood setting. Others focused on safety when kids are home and online."Limit their internet use. The kids are using and adults too, are using things such as xbox or playstations to get online and they can go to these chat rooms and we found that people are using these things that seem very simple as an avenue to reach small children," said Brandon Cocke, Investigator with Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.The Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force also put together child ID packets.There was also representative with the National Rifle Association showing kids what to do if they come across a gun in their home or elsewhere.