Public Meeting on Tuberculosis Investigation at Roanoke H.S.

Roanoke, VA - The investigation into a case of tuberculosis at William Fleming High School continues as 150 staff and students prepare to be tested.

Since the diagnosis of a student infected with TB officials have been in high gear trying to alleviate any fears that some sort of mass TB breakout is imminent.

On Monday the families of nearly 150 students, identified as low percentage exposure cases, received calls from the district.

All students were also given letters to take home which included permission slips for testing for applicable students.

The Roanoke Health Department is planning this first round of testing on Friday.

The permission slips for the simple skin test are expected to be returned by Wednesday.

"There's been a lot of checking names and making sure they are absolutely right. We don't want to scare people unnecessarily unless they absolutely need to be tested in that first round so I would say that has been the biggest challenge," said district spokesman, Justin McLeod.

Monday's meeting starts at 6:30 in the William Fleming High School auditorium.

The Roanoke Heath Department has also set up a TB hotline: (540) 759-4652.

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