Public Hearing Set on Federal Projects

Lynchburg, VA - A handful of Lynchburg projects that rely on federal money are in danger of losing a good chunk of change. And Tuesday at Lynchburg City Council, there's a public hearing on this.

One program in jeopardy is the Lynchburg Housing Authority's spot blight program. The program helps owners rehab deteriorating properties.

The blight program is entirely federally-funded. And could get about $200,000 from the feds than it got this year. That's a concern for the Housing Authority, which says the spot blight program gives homeowners a safe home and{}one more thing: "And also, the people that are in the neighborhood - like I said - often will improve their homes, so it improves the community, it provides a sense of neighborhood," said Deb Guyot, executive director, Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

Technically, this federal money is called CDBG money. That means "Community Development Block Grants. The Bluffwalk project and 5th Street also get this money.