Protecting Your Home and Car From the Sun

Lynchburg, VA - When it gets hot out there we always think about how it affects us, but it can also affect your belongings.

The sun and heat can actually do damage to your car and your house.

On a 90 degree day, the inside of your vehicle may reach close to 120 degrees, and after a couple days of sunshine the roof of your house is just about well-done.

When the sun beams down on hot, summer days, it's actually giving your home a beating. It fades your paint or any other kind of finish that's exposed, and breaks down your roofing.

"Like on a shingle roof, the sun will break down across the granules and break the roofing down so it will not last near as long," explained Quinn Hershberger with Quinn's Home Improvement.

Some types of roofing, like slate, absorb heat from the sun, and take hours to cool down after a hot day.

The exterior of your home, however, isn't the only place in danger of a sunny smack-down.

"The windows, when the heat comes in through the windows, carpet fades, drapes, curtains, all types of flooring," said Hershberger.

If you want to save your home from the sun, it's best to invest in products that go the extra distance, such as paint with UV protection, good blinds, and a metal roofing that will reflect the sun's heat instead of soaking it up.

"If you buy high-end clothes, you get a lot more life, a lot more washes out of them. It's the same with your home, if you buy high-end products you get a lot more life out of it, a lot less maintenance," Hershberger added.

From your roof, to your ride, the sun has no mercy.

Hot days can hurt your paint job, tires, and even your battery.

The inside of your car turns into a sauna, drying or cracking your dashboard and upholstery.

The best way to avoid the beating is to find shade whenever possible, and consider buying a car cover.