Proposed Ordinance May Ban Feeding Ducks and Geese in Danville City

Danville, VA-- If an ordinance is passed in Danville, the days of feeding the ducks when walking on the trail may be over.

During Tuesday night's work session, an ordinance was proposed to make it illegal to feed ducks or geese in Danville. Some city council members say they had received complaints from people saying that feeding geese on the Riverwalk Trail was leaving the place dirty, and attracting lots of aggressive geese.

In efforts to keep the trail clean, the proposed ordinance would have up to a $50 fine for feeding ducks or geese.

City councilman Lee Vogler says he is against it.

"We've put so much effort invested into promoting the river and the riverwalk trail, to take something that's so popular and make it illegal, punishable by a fine, I think would be a terrible mistake," Vogler said.

Two city council members considered only banning duck or geese feeding in certain areas of Danville.