Proposal for New Civic Center in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg may be one step closer to having a brand new civic center. A draft proposal was released for a new civic center Wednesday by Liberty University.

In their plan, a civic center would go on current vacant fields adjacent to Candler's Mountain Road. It would impede a bit on to land used by Thomas Road Baptist Church, as well as Liberty Christian Academy. The proposal does say that both TRBC as well as LCA would need to be relocated, if this plan moves forward.

Liberty and the city have previously expressed a desire to work together in the creation of a civic center. Jerry Falwell Junior said money that would be used to upgrade existing LU athletic facilities, around $20million, would be diverted to pay for a new center. The city would pay Liberty back, and allow them to use the facility for certain athletic events.

"Our goal is to get a discussion started, to give the city the information it needs from our consultants and from the studies that have been done over the last three years to decide whether or not it makes sense to move forward" said Falwell.

The draft proposal would require approval from the city before any formal arrangements are made. Lynchburg Mayor Mike Gillette said he is happy to see a draft idea on the table. He said though a price tag and specific plans need to be agreed upon before any final decisions are made, a move, likely years away.