Property Owner Says FBI Searched His Rental Home

Lovingston, VA - ABC 13 News has dug up some new information on a search at one home in Nelson County.

Willis Little owns a house at 22 Cannery Loop, nestled in a small community right off Route 29. He said Tuesday, the woman he rents the house called him flustered, saying the FBI had searched her home.

She got a visit from the Nelson County Sheriff's Office Monday morning, asking if they could take a look around.

Then later that day, deputies returned accompanied by the FBI.

"She gave them permission, said 'Sure come on in, I haven't got anything to hide I haven't done anything. I was here all weekend,'" Little said.

According to Little, the FBI searched the home from top to bottom and then moved outside.

"They had dogs sniffing around and she opened up the shed with the lawnmower in it to let them see in there, and nobody, nothing was there," Little said.

Little says the FBI was searching nearby fields and woods, combing through high grass with sticks, poking the ground as they moved through.

Little's tenant was also questioned.

"She was interviewed three times. The first time just by the county police, the second time by the FBI, the third time when the FBI came back," Little said.

They may have gleaned an important piece of information from those interviews.

"They asked her, did she see anybody, she said, 'Well yes. I do remember seeing a white car, an older one probably a Nissan or Maxima, something like that.' She said, 'I don't know that much about cars they all look the same. And I don't remember whether it was Saturday or Sunday'," Little remembered.

Little's tenant told officials she thought the white car looked out of place, because the driver used an entrance to Route 29 that most locals do not use because it is dangerous.

Little also says it appeared that officials did not find anything in their search of the area, but officials from the Nelson County Sheriff's Office say that Murphy's cell phone has not been found.