Program Uses Racquetball To Combat PTSD

Roanoke, VA - The Salem Veteran's Administration is teaming up with the YMCA and a special non-profit that works to help veterans both physically and mentally.

Along with the help of volunteers the Military Racquetball Federation is expanding to our area.

The program is an eight week long introduction to the sport of racquetball.

At the Kirk Avenue YMCA, in Roanoke, nearly a dozen vets are giving the program a swing.

"It helps rebuild some of that self confidence they may have lost. Get them away from some of those negative stressors; negative experiences they might have seen and when we get them out on the court and they get the competition playing on it's like, 'Woah... wait a minute. I'm not thinking about that stuff anymore,' said Executive Director, Steven Harper.

All the instruction, space and gear is donated - costing the veteran nothing but time.

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