Prisoners Help Write Book for Youth

Lynchburg, VA - Some local activists are hoping to reach out to young people and change lives - and they got prisoners to help them.

The book Insights from Inside is filled with dozens of letters that prisoners wrote. In each one, the prisoner is sharing his or her very personal story.

The hope is these letters will discourage kids from behaviors that could land them in prison, and realize the consequences of bad behavior.

Those involved are passionate about the book's mission and the letters inside.

"The most moving was usually when they talked about how they hurt their family and the people, and the people around them and the people that loved them," said Tom Gerdy, project manager.

"If I can get one copy of that in front of every little youth group that I know of, and if it only changes one kid, it would be worth it for me," said James Coleman, bought books for youth in his church.

You can get the book at Givens or by ordering online here.

The plan is to turn this project in to a nonprofit called Proactive Prison Prevention to get these books out nationwide.