Preston King Case Will Go to Grand Jury for Felony Child Abuse

Salem, VA - The case against the man charged in the death of a 13 month old Roanoke County girl is going forward.

A Juvenile and Domestic Court judge today found reasonable cause to send Preston King before a grand jury for child abuse related to the death of Veralee Craft.

Craft, whose father is from Lynchburg, died July 25th... three days after being found unresponsive in the Roanoke County home King shared with his mother.

King was baby sitting the child for his girlfriend.

Tuesday morning a police officer and detective took the stand and painted a picture of cooperation by King immediately following the 911 call... even though his story kept changing.

Throughout that evening, authorities say King offered several different versions about how Veralee may have stopped breathing and how she received numerous, large hematomas on her head.

They included the child hitting her head on a workbench to a final admission of a punch to the head... which King quickly recanted.

The difficult part came when the coroner testified that Veralee suffered two fresh, but separate skull fractures, and a fractured arm.

Made even more difficult when testimony revealed the child suffered two fractured legs and another fractured arm that had been healing for as many as three weeks.

"That really bothered me because I feel like there is something that someone could have done to prevent it but nothing was done to prevent it," said Veralee's Father, Jonathan Craft.

Among other questions the big one there is - who is responsible for those earlier injuries?

Right now this case is focused on those injuries linked to King.

He'll face that grand jury for potential indictment December 7th.