Presidential Election Focuses on Grassroots

Madison Heights, VA - Campaign headquarters are popping up throughout battleground states as the presidential election approaches.

Friday, President Obama's campaign announced it's opening four new ones in Southside Richmond, Charles City, McLean and Hanover in the next week.

Closer to home, Simoane Faas focuses her efforts on Madison Heights.

At an ordinary building, off an ordinary street, President Obama's campaign is in full throttle.

"The point is to find those who are democrats. To find those people, make sure that they know that they're trying to be taken care of here," Faas said from the campaign headquarters.

Faas says on any given week, they'll reach out to 700-2,000 people.

"We have weekly goals for how many doors we're supposed to get to, how many phone calls we're supposed to make. They've already done the research of generally where people lie," she explained.

And in politics, numbers matter. According to a recent Suffok University/WWBT-TV poll, President Obama is leading Mitt Romney by two percentage points in the Commonwealth, with seven percent of voters still undecided.

There's no campaign headquarters for Mitt Romney in rural, republican Amherst County. But the same grassroots effort, with a more conservative goal,is playing out in urban centers like Danville and Roanoke.

Each office is the center for phone banks, canvassing, and voter registration.

Because in a race this close, in a state so divided,"every person that we're talking to matters," Faas said. "Their vote really matters."

Although there isn't a Romney HQ in Amherst County, campaign workers on his side are enthusiastic, as well.

The GOP does have a campaign office on Wards Road.

And about those polls, Romney's campaign thinks the numbers may be off a bit, particularly in the swing states, where they feel some recent polls have over sampled Democrats.