Presidential Candidates Campaign in VA

Lynchburg, VA - Thursday was a big day for Presidential politics in Virginia. as both President Obama and Mitt Romney were campaigning in the Commonwealth.

The president was at an event in Virginia Beach, and Romney rallied with veterans in Springfield.

They're following in each other's footsteps; for three straight days now, these men have campaigned in the same states.

As usual on the campaign trail, the candidates played to their audience. At a VFW post in Springfield, Romney attacked the President's agenda on the military, suggesting that federal cuts to defense spending have left the world a dangerous place.

"The world is not a safe place, it remains dangerous. Look around the world, look at North Korea, they continue to promote and develop nuclear capability on their own part, and export it to others. Syria, 20, 30,000 people, killed in Syria," said Romney.

As for the President, he made his defense achievements crystal clear to his supporters, "You've got a new tower across the New York skyline. Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat. Bin Laden is dead," he said.

But the candidates' attacks on one another haven't been limited to the campaign trail. With 40 days left until the election, the President and Mitt Romney continue to blast each other with hard hitting TV ads, especially in Virginia.