Presidential Campaigns Make Final Push

Lynchburg, VA - Virginia, and its 13 electoral votes, has proven to be incredibly important in winning the White House. Both campaigns have been working nearly nonstop. And that is certainly the case here in Central Virginia.

It's the final push, the last leg of this very long race. Campaign volunteers, who have been working so hard for months, they're exhausted, but their work, is far from finished.

"We're here constantly. Some people, at one point, they said, do you sleep here?" said Obama volunteer, Judith Johnson.

Johnson knows hard work. The campaign office is her home away from home.

She's been at the Lynchburg Obama Headquarters nearly every day for four months.

"We feel very good about it. We're on perpetual let's get the vote out and let's get to the people and exercise their right to vote," she said.

"Some calls were persuasion calls in the beginning. Then we had turnout calls, now we're having get out the vote calls," said Johnson.

"Hi Allison, I'm Pat Everett at the Obama Campaign office," said one phone bank volunteer. "We have a list of maybe six or seven pages of voters who have committed to come in and canvass," she continued.

And even on Election Day, the work continues, "I'm leaving at 5:30, then I'll come here and work all day. We will be on the phones all day tomorrow, and we will have canvassers out all day tomorrow," said Johnson.

"I'm ready to wear my sticker tomorrow to show everyone I voted," said Romney volunteer, Montgomery Pace.

This is Pace's first ever Presidential election.

"It's so important that everybody votes. But even more than that, it's important that you go out and fight for what you believe in, and that's really truly what I believe that I've been doing," she said.

Since February, Pace has logged hundreds of volunteer hours, made thousands of calls, and done everything she knows to make sure Virginia votes Romney.

"It's very exciting, and everyone here has been great and we've formed a great bond," she said.

And no matter who you ask, they know who's going to win.

"I think that Romney's going to take it. I think it's going to be a hard fight, I don't think it's going to be a blow out," said one Romney volunteer.

"I'm excited that it's tomorrow, and I'm excited that we're going to win," said Johnson.

Both campaigns will be working till the polls close at 7 p.m.

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