Preservation Virginia Restores Barn on Route 29

Pittsylvania Co., VA- If you drive on Route 29 through Pittsylvania County, you've probably seen a big red barn near the highway between Chatham and Blairs.

It's known for having political signs on it, but soon it will be better known as a restored tobacco barn.
Thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Danville Regional Foundation, Preservation Virginia is keeping Southside's tobacco history alive.
Ramsey Restoration has taken on the three week project.
"It's in pretty bad shape. The logs... a lot of them are rotten and are falling out, and very unleveled and crooked," said Luke Ramsey, from Ramsey Restoration Inc.
Preservation Virginia will put a highway historical marker near the barn.
The grant also paid for a video production of how the barn is being restored. It will teach barn owners about the restoration process.