Preschool Readiness Camp Kicks Off in Danville

Danville, VA - While most children are settling in to summer, several rising kindergartners are headed back to school.

About two dozen preschoolers are getting a little boost in Danville and they're doing it for free, all thanks to a Smart Beginnings grant.

The School Readiness Camp is designed for children that did not get to go to preschool.

Teachers say this camp helps children learn routines and socialize with other children.

It also helps ease the anxiety heading into kindergarten.

"That's going to help them as they're going into kindergarten because they're going to be a little bit more confident about what they're going to be doing," said Lou Ann Long, Principal at Grove Park Preschool.

The School Readiness Program is a pilot program. Officials hope to expand it to serve more children in the coming years.