Preparing Your Kids for Going Back to School

Lynchburg, VA - A lot of our students will be back in class next week, and if you want to start off the school year right, there are a few things you need to do this week so the first day of school goes off without a hitch.

Jessica Layer is busy in her classroom at RS Payne Elementary. It's not only the first day of school for her kindergardeners -- but her first day teaching her own class.

"I've been in here for I think about two weeks now just setting up all of my different bulletin boards, getting my behavior management system down and getting everything where I wanted it to be in class," said Layer.

She's not the only one who needs to prepare. There is a lot you can do at home right now before your child goes back to school.

Stefanie Prokity with Successful Innovations says the most important thing to do is establish a schedule.

"Sometimes over the summer teens and schedules get kind of laxed or they get changed because of the longer summer hours Now is the time for parents to really start back with structure and routines and getting them to bed on time, getting them up earlier," she said.

She says to take the opportunity to have a conversation about your expectations for the school year, and find out what things your child may be nervous about.

"Kids can get nervous about what they are going to wear. Who's going to be in their class, and what kind of homework they are going to have. All of those kinds of things need to be talked about."

If students and parents, cause parents can have fears too, if both can feel confident on that first day, first week, that students start back it paves the way for a whole year of success," she said.

Teachers Mrs. Layer say that work will go a long way in her classroom next week.

"By parents helping to prepare their students to be in class, that helps me as a teacher," she said.

Wednesday ABC 13's Back to School week continues with a look at school vaccines. We'll talk to a pediatrician and find out what shots your child needs to have before getting back in the classroom.