Preparing Roanoke Students for High-Tech World

Roanoke, VA - Students at Stonewall Jackson Middle School in Roanoke got a special visit Monday: Congressman Bob Goodlatte showed up, and talked with kids about the Internet.

Rep. Goodlatte talked about how important the Internet is for creating jobs, even telling students his own son once worked at Facebook.

Stonewall Jackson has partnered with a company called Neustar which teaches kids the online skills they'll need in today's high-tech world.

But, Goodlatte reminded students that with the Internet's freedom comes responsibility.

"What they post up on Facebook or tweet to their friends isn't just going to their friends. Sometimes, it's going to the rest of the world, and it may be going there forever," said Rep Goodlatte (R) 6th District.

If you are interested in Neustar and what it can do in your classroom, click here.