Preparations Underway for Mitt Romney's Campaign Visit

Lynchburg, VA - On the eve of Election Day, Mitt Romney will be heading back to the battleground state of Virginia, campaigning in Lynchburg.

Lynchburg and many of the surrounding counties went for McCain four years ago. However, the campaign says, even just a slight increase, in the margin of victory, could mean a whole lot in deciding who will be our next president.

But before a big name guest arrives, an even bigger preparation was underway.

"I like the fact that it is busy here with all the politicians coming," said Emily Bixler, a Romney supporter".

Virginia Aviation terminal at the Lynchburg Regional Airport will serve as the backdrop for Romney's second visit to the Hill City.

"There is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action," said Romney, during his speech at Liberty University's Commencement.

Many said his speech at Liberty was to rally Christian Conservatives. This time when Romney's plane touches down, many say it will be for a different purpose.

"Oh it's all about turnout, that is what the final push is all about. He just wants to get as many people, his people who believe in the same America as he does, to come out to the polls," said Cody Snapp, a volunteer for the Republican Party of Virginia.

Snapp has been working non-stop the past few months, and is excited that the man he hopes to call President, has chosen to spend his last few hours campaigning, in Lynchburg.

"Oh I'm Super Excited that even on the national scene he understands he can't win without the 6th district," said Snapp.

Even though Bixler won't be able to make it to the rally, she is excited to live in a state that is in the political spotlight.

"Just the fact that it's here, it is very exciting, it makes you feel like you are definitely a part of what's going on," said Bixler."

Regardless of whether you lean left or right in political terms, Bixler says don't miss your duty that many countries don't have.

"Get out and vote, be an American, do something that you have the freedom to do where in other countries you don't have that freedom," said Bixler.

The campaign says that on sight parking will only be available for handicapped guests. Other guests are asked to park at River Ridge Mall, where at 8:30 a.m. a shuttle bus will begin bussing folks to the airport. Tickets can be obtained by visiting the Mitt Romney website.