Prayer Vigil Held For Claire Parker After Family Makes Tough Choice To End Treatment

Baby Claire Parker

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Baby Claire Parker has touched more lives in a few short months than many of us will in a lifetime.After a tough battle with leukemia, Claire seemed to be getting better, but last week, things took a turn for the worst - and doctors say she may not have more than a month to live. With that prognosis, her parents decided to bring her home to be surrounded by family."We all want to do something, and at this point, I think the best thing we can do is just be here, " said Chastity Wertz who works with Claire's father, Jordan, at Mt. Airy Elementary School.Monday night, teachers at Mount Airy Elementary came together to pray for peace for the Parker family.Small lanterns decorated by students were arranged in the shape of a ribbon. Teachers say, after keeping Claire in their hearts all school year, the project was a way to help students cope with something they may not yet understand."Some wrote messages, some drew pictures...whatever was in their heart, " said Wertz.Claire's parents are devout Christians. They say Claire's journey has encouraged some of their family members to rededicate their faith in God.Jordan says they are at peace knowing that was Claire's purpose and she accomplished it."They have come to the Lord and now they have an eternity with Claire. That is why she was here, " said Mt. Airy Principal Joyce Wright.
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