Powerball Jackpot Grows to $500 Million

All you need is two dollars, a dream, and a whole lot of luck.

The Powerball jackpot has grown to an all time high: $500,000,000.

The half a billion dollar Powerball jackpot is causing such a frenzy, its ticket machines can't keep up.

Georgia lottery officials are blaming software updates for slow machines

near Atlanta

While in Florida and here in Virginia there are lines are almost out the door.

It seems that despite the low odds - 1 in 175 million - of winning, record numbers of people are playing.

The jackpot has already defied its own odds: an unheard of 16 drawings in

a row without a winner ticket sales for tomorrow alone could now top $214,000,000.

And while lottery officials - and just basic math - say it's impossible to

increase your odds, people still love to try.

Anybody can win - it depends on if you want to be serious about it or not.

He's defied the odds not once, but seven times even writing a book about his jackpots. His unscientific suggestions? Pick your own numbers, don't let

the machine pick for you.

Then do your research. Check online to see if your numbers have already won.

And, he says buy, buy, buy.

"Buy as many tickets as you can afford," Richard Lusig said.

Even lottery officials agree with that one. The more tickets sold, the better the odds someone will win.