Powerball Fever Hits Central Virginia

Madison Heights, VA - People are going crazy over this week's Powerball lottery. There was no winner over the weekend, so the jackpot is now up to $425,000,000 - the biggest since 2006.

"425 million I'd like to win it all, " Lawrence Martin from Madison Heights hopes.

Martin is already confident at his chances. "I'm going to win it," he said, "This is the winnerIf I do win it, I'm going to leave town."

Amy Dix with Smile Gas in Madison Heights is already practicing her "surprised" look when she wins.

"Ahhh! Hehe. That's about all I could do if I could speak because that's a lot of money," Dix says.

Dix says Smile Gas is busy selling tickets, but the rush hasn't started just yet.

"Everybody's going to wait until Wednesday at the last minute between nine and ten o'clock, we are going to be slammed," Dix predicted. "They think the longer they wait, the better they have a chance to win."

The jackpot is so high because it has now rolled over for a 15th straight time.

Each Powerball Ticket costs $2.00. The Powerball lottery is played in 42 States, Washington D.C. and the U-S Virgin Islands.