Power Outages Affect Downtown Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - About 1,200 Appalachian Power customers were out of power in and near downtown Roanoke this morning after two different cases of equipment failure. One witness said the problem included several small explosions. Utility crews worked well into the afternoon fixing the issue at the intersection of 10th and Campbell. The witness says the power line crackled and popped for some 30 minutes. "A little bit before lunch I was working on a car and as soon as I backed it out I thought I seen like lightning in the corner of my eye and then I looked up and, sure enough, the pole was just about on fire. You could just see the wire sparking and arcing," said Kenny Fuller.On the other side of town more than a thousand others, in the West End neighborhood, were also without power into the afternoon. ApCo had to cut power there for crews to fix an equipment failure that started as a small brush fire.