Power Outage Shuts Down Wintergreen Slopes For a While

Nelson Co., Va- Saturday's power outage stretched all the way to Wintergreen Ski resort, where it really turned the lights out on several vacations. Power wasn't restored until late in the afternoon.

At first people seemed quite frustrated. Many people checked out early and went home, not wanting to deal with the cold and shut down slopes. But, as the morning went on, people ventured out to play in the snow and made the best of the situation.

There were only generators to run a few necessities at Wintergreen Lodge on Saturday.

"It's never easy when this happens, but we try to keep on rolling," said David Shreve, who runs Wintergreen Adaptive Sports. The business offers outdoor opportunities for those with disabilities. They were supposed to offer lessons, but with the power outage they took the time to train their employees instead.

"I know a lot of people wanna ski today, and we're still holding on. We may still get to conduct some lessons this afternoon," said Shreve.

For Kathleen Brown and her family, the power outage almost ended a special vacation early.

"The room is actually in the mid-forties, so we're actually in our snow gear in the room," said Brown.

She and her husband, who is in the Navy, brought their two children to the lodge for one last getaway before he deploys.

"This morning came up here to have some fun, but they didn't have any sleds so we found a large cookie try that was discarded in one of the sheds and spent about an hour and a half sledding down a small hill on the cookie sheet," said Brown.

As the day went on, Wintergreen also got creative. They brought out gas grills and started cooking hamburgers for their guests. Many gathered around fires and played in the snow, still trying to enjoy the day until they could hit the slopes.

"It's our goal to ski today. Our staff's all here. We got all ready for this dance and then the music didn't start," said Jay Roberts, Vice President of Resort Operations.

The power came back on at Wintergreen around 2 p.m. Saturday.