Power Out For Next Several Days

Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg - "This is one of the worst storms with all the damage that it done, the winds were very high," said Smith Fletcher, a Line Crew Supervisor for Appalachian Power

For some, it may still be several days before the lights come back on. In Lynchburg, more than a dozen roads are still blocked, and more than 100 residents are still stuck in their neighborhoods.

Clean up in this heat is dangerous work, and expect temperatures to be in the 90's all week. Many residents are hot and have the same question on their minds.

"How long is it going to take for my power to be back on," asked Aja Stevens who is looking for ice to keep her food from spoiling.

"Is there any estimate on timeframe for power restoration," asked Marge Denham, who lost her power.

"How soon are we going to get our power back," asked Karen Stevens, who was also looking for ice.

So we took those questions to Appalachian Power.

"We're not anticipating more than a week but right now in some locations, it's going to be pretty close to a week in the difficult locations and with the places where there is damage at," said Fletcher

During a short drive around Lynchburg our cameras didn't have to go far to find a lot of destruction.

Adam and Elise Spontarelli live in a neighborhood off Langhorne road and say both entrances to their neighborhood are completely blockaded.

"Basically the power lines are down on both sides and we can't really drive under them, so yeah we've been stuck here since Saturday, and don't really know how long it's going to be," said Adam Spontarelli.

So with no way for their cars to get in or out, the Spontarelli's are forced to walk over a mile to where their car is parked.

Blocked roads aren't the only problem residents are facing.

"I'm looking for ice and I've been all over the city trying to find it, and everyone is sold out of it," said Karen Stevens.

Stevens says she needs ice to keep all of her food from spoiling.

"Everybody's in desperate need so it's just trying to not to get to a point where everyone is panicking and hoard things, and just have the ugliness come out in everyone I believe," said Stevens.

Appalachian Power says rest assured, they are working around the clock to restore everyone's power.

"We're working hard, trying to do what we can do to help the public. We enjoy helping the public trying to get them back on," said Fletcher.

Fletcher says he works all day and he even returns home to no power.

Appalachian Power stresses to treat every downed power line as if it is hot, and just leave trees wrapped in power lines alone as they will clear all of that debris eventually.