Power Crews Making Great Progress in Nelson Co. After Snow Storm

Nelson Co., VA - Power crews with Central Virginia Electric Co-op are making great progress. At the height of the storm, they had 25,000 without power.

Central Virginia Electric Co-op delivers power to 14 counties in Virginia. Manager Greg Kelly makes this commitment to his loyal customers.

"During the weekend, we'll be going around and dealing with individual outages. The majority should be back on before Friday at midnight," he said.

He says 40 crews in Faber are working ferociously to meet that goal. But, the heavy, wet snow, snapping poles and tearing down lines, didn't make their work any easier.

"This one is as bad as a hurricane or the major derecho storm. It is," said Kelly.

It's been all hands on deck for dispatchers in Nelson County. Director Jaime Miller's made her office her home for a couple days while 20 minutes North power crews keep working.

The more mountainous areas of the county got hit harder. Miller points out Afton and Skyler, saying they got it the worst. Still, even in the dark, people aren't using the county shelters.

"It says they're very proud, and they want to be at home with their families where they're very comfortable. Or that they are very prepared, they've taken all the advice that we've given them," said Miller.

Crews can't promise everyone's power will come back at the same time. After all, they're working in the most rural parts of Central Virginia.

For those in Nelson County without power, the Rockfish Fire Station is open as a warming station. It has food, water and cots. Out of the entire county, there's only one couple staying at that warming station, so there's plenty of room.