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      Power Companies Working to Restore Power to Thousands

      Update 5 p.m.:

      Appalachian Power is reporting that 4,635 customers are without power in Virginia.

      Here are the totals for our area:

      Campbell Co. - 112

      Nelson Co. - 1,258

      Dominion Power reports these power outages:

      Botetourt Co. - 2,368

      Buena Vista - 3,253

      Lexington - 2,924

      Nelson Co. - 138

      Rockbridge Co. - 6,422


      Update 10:50 a.m.:

      Appalachian Power is reporting that 3,130 customers are without power in Virginia.

      Here are the totals for our area:

      Amherst Co. - 192

      Nelson Co. - 491

      Dominion Power reports these power outages:

      Bedford - 2

      Botetourt - 238

      Buena Vista - 434

      Lexington - 1,631

      Nelson Co. - 138

      Rockbridge Co. - 3,215

      Officials from Central Virginia Electric Cooperative say 6,700 of its members are without electric service due to the storm.

      Five substation areas located along the western edge of the Cooperative's service territory have more than 500 reported outages. These include:

      Piney River Substation (864 outages) that serves Cooperative members in Amherst and Nelson County

      Martins Store (3155 outages) substation that serves members in Nelson County.

      In addition, there are nine other substation areas with less than 100 reported outages.


      Lynchburg,VA - As of 9 a.m. Wednesday, thousands of people in Central Virginia were without power.

      Central Virginia Electric Cooperative is reporting the most outages - about 8,000 total, and at least half of those are in our viewing area.

      Dominion Power is reporting about 2,800 outages in Rockbridge County, 1,300 in Lexington, 160 in Buena Vista, and about 130 customers without power in Nelson County.

      Appalachian Power is reporting more than 600 outages in Montgomery County, 400 in Roanoke County, about 140 outages in Amherst County, and a little more than 100 customers without power in Nelson County.

      If you lose power, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative recommends the following:

      Check to see if others in your area have lost power. This information will help your electric utility determine the cause of the outage. If others have lights and you don't, check your home's panel box. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be at fault.

      If you've determined that the source of the interruption is outside your home, call the electric company at once. Keep the outage numbers near your phone so you can find them quickly.

      If you are without power for an extended period, turn off large electric appliances and equipment. This practice prevents circuits from being overloaded if refrigerators, water heaters, computers, TVs, and other appliances come on all at once when power is restored.

      Keep one lamp on so you will know when the power is restored.

      Keep the door to your refrigerator or freezer closed. If your door seals are tight, your food will normally be safe for several hours without power.

      Once your power has been restored, remember to plug in or turn on any needed electric appliances or equipment that you shut off during the outage. Also restock your emergency supplies.