Postal Union Fears 'Accelerated' Plant Closing in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Saturday is the day the Lynchburg postal distribution center will complete its consolidation with the Roanoke processing plant.

However, Saturday's milestone may not be that big after all -- because postal employee union leaders say Roanoke's number may soon be up too.

This past Saturday the last of the Lynchburg equipment was moved into the Roanoke plant - as were roughly 40 employees who were transferred.

All of it will be made official this Saturday which is what has union leaders puzzled.

Because according to American Postal Workers Union Local President Carlton Cooper, he's received an email that shows postal officials plan on meeting with high level union leaders, this Monday, to discuss the "acceleration" of closing processing plants in at least six different states... including Virginia as early as June.

"The postal service does not request a regional meeting with district APWU concerning AMP studies for no reason at all. There's something there," said APWU Local 482 President, Carlton Cooper.

This meeting, according to union officials, will happen just two days after Roanoke and Lynchburg's official consolidation.

A postal service representative says she knows nothing about this meeting and as far as she knows Roanoke is still set to merge with Greensboro sometime in 2014.