Possible Break In Hit And Run Death

Roanoke, VA - A possible big break for investigators looking into the fatal hit and run of a Roanoke woman following Fourth of July festivities.

45 year old Sandi Loughry was killed instantly after, police say, she was hit by a car walking along Shenandoah Avenue in Roanoke.

Detectives contacted Ms. Loughry's family Sunday and told them they are fairly certain they have found the car involved.

That information corroborated Monday when a search warrant filed in Roanoke shows investigators are processing a green 2002 Chevy Cavalier that they were able to track down in Roanoke.

The warrant shows that pieces of the vehicle left at the scene of the accident were connected to this vehicle using both DMV and Commissioner of Revenue records.

Damage on the car is also consistent with what police investigating such a collision would expect.

The owner of the vehicle is not being named because no charges have been filed.

Right now forensic work is underway to ensure the vehicle of interest is the vehicle detectives are looking for.

If it is detectives will then begin the process of figuring who was driving the car in the early morning hours of July 5th when Ms. Loughry was hit and killed.

One other interesting note: The warrant's affidavit made mention of the owner's demeanor indicating he was "suffering from sorrow and guilt".The officer who applied for the warrant wrote that his "training and experience" gave him that inclination.