Porta Potty Leaves one Lynchburg Neighborhood in a Stinky Mood

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg neighborhood wants to get rid of an eyesore, a porta potty, left behind at a construction site.

The crew is long gone, the job residents say, long finished, on Woodland Avenue.

They say it was one thing when construction crews were working daily on the street. But they've been gone now for two weeks, and it seems they forgot one of their tools.

"You know, for a porta potty, it's really pretty nice. I've seen some really yucky ones" said Kate Gray.

It's big and green and parked right in Gray's front yard.

"Everyone sees it of course. And it's been here for a good while. Maybe I don't know, two and a half weeks" she said.

It was placed there initially with a city construction project, to replace pieces of sidewalk on Gray's street.

"There hasn't been any construction here. They finished" said Gray.

And she isn't the only one raising a stink.

"It looks like a trash can outside everyday" said neighbor, Claire Gregory.

But not only is it an eyesore; neighbor, Lillian Jones says it's dangerous.

"This is my driveway and I pull out in the mornings and then again in the afternoon. I have to be very careful, I've almost been hit a couple of times" said Jones.

She can't see. The porta potty blocks her view.

We called the company listed on the door of the porta potty and asked them who is responsible for its removal.

"They haven't called and closed the job yet" said a company employee over the phone.

City officials say they're still waiting for final inspections and payments to be made on the project. Technically, leaving it as an active site; and leaving it in Kate Gray's front yard.

"We've had plenty of perfectly beautiful weather for doing concrete and they have not been working on the street. So I think they've just forgotten it" said Gray.

City officials are working on figuring out if they can get the porta potty moved.

The porta potty company charges $70 per week for rentals, that Gray speculates, the city will be charged.